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Poster: guyzilla Date: Nov 20, 2010 10:15pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Night of the Blood Beast (1958)

On clicking the links provided, I found that the retro film vault does not sell (or rather, doesn't like to sell) to the general public and their materials are in formats that I'm not familiar with. The other link posted a list of films that were for the most part PD, however I was able to spot a few ("1000 Eyes of Dr mabuse", "Faust") that weren't, so you can't really go by what's PD and what's not by who sells them. Alpha mostly sells PD material, so if "Night of the Blood Beast" is indeed copyright, then maybe they put this out with the mistaken belief that it was PD. Tha Alpha copy I have was purchased years ago and since I have not seen any of their catalogues in recent years, I don't know if they still have it available. I tend not to be interested in what they are putting out since I discovered that much of their material is sourced from Sinister Cinema's product. Sinister Cinema in recent years has gotten in the habit of superimposing a small, generic "S.C" at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You can see this in some of the trailers I've uploaded. Some of this material, features, that is, when Alpha gets a hold of it, the picture is "zoomed" to the point that the "S.C" moved offscreen, out of view. For that reason, when I do actually purchase a film, I'd rather buy it from Sinister, spend a few more bucks, and get a decent copy that's unaltered. Sinister also sells much material that is not pd, and much of that can't seem to found anywhere else.